Monday, September 29, 2008

Why am I not so worried?

Maybe it's because I am not an economic wiz-kid, maybe it's because I never bought a house at subprime rates, or any rate for that matter.  Maybe I'm callous and live on the fringes of society just looking in and watching all the newscasters blather about the way the country and the world is teetering on the brink of disaster, and I think, "Hmmm, that's too bad.  Now what was that new recipe I just saw on Food Network?"

I know, I must sound terribly irresponsible to care so little about the impending crisis, that we all may be lined up at soup kitchens begging for crusts of bread like in the Great Depression when the stock market crashed in 1929.  I actually do care very much about the future of my country, about people who may end up suffering terribly because of greedy financial institutions and politicians.  I care that our future is so unsure, especially with the upcoming elections that could cause the US to turn an even sharper corner into who knows what territory.

But there's a part of me that knows that no matter what, I have God as my security, even in tough times.  I can just see people rolling their eyes and thinking "Yeah, right, another religious cliche like all the other fanatics," but I tell you, it's a knowledge that's been tested through time and experience.  

Sometimes it takes extreme measures to bring out the best of our faith and the best of our character.  When we're stretched to our limits, we start to realize just what is important and what is not, and I know through the many ups and downs and twists of my own journey, I have learned to throw aside a lot of junk that I once thought I could never part with, only to be so graciously blessed beyond what I deserved afterwards. 

If you've ever gone through that phase of life where you had no choice but to sacrifice - either sacrifice doing what's right to do what's comfortable, or sacrifice what's comfortable for what's right - you'll know what I mean.  Making the sacrifice to do what's right hurts like crazy, and you feel like a part of you is dying.  And in fact it is dying: that part of you that loves yourself a little too  much.  But you let it go, and you understand that the pain is as necessary as lancing a boil.  The relief and joy that comes after the pain is amazing.  All of a sudden your life is lighter, simpler, clearer.  You are made acutely aware that life is more than what you want to have, but that it's about obedience to God.  And that is more empowering than any amount of possessions can buy. 

I have the audacity to believe that a financial meltdown can turn into a real spiritual awakening.  If that's what it takes to get people to surrender their lives to God, it's worth it - even with all the pain.  I grieve for the state of the US, and I'm not talking about Wall Street, but the way that God is rapidly disappearing from a land that was once a beacon of faith generations ago.  The security and strength of any country is directly linked to the strength of it's people's relationship to God and if we have to bleed a little, that's OK.  God is bigger than global markets, and when He is given a chance to bless, He blesses.  It's up to us to give Him that room.  After all, no sacrifice, no success.


Cristiane Cardoso said...

The thing is, it's so easy to say 'in God we trust', it's written in the cash we hold, but in reality, who really trusts Him to the point of not worrying when everything around them is falling apart?

Not everybody really understands the meaning of 'trust' and therefore, they're incapacitated of using their faith, since both walk together, hands in hands!

Motlatsi said...

I agree, talking the talk is one thing, but walking the walk is a different story. Many say they trust, but when difficult moments come, they lose trust and become desperate. I am sure many people who will be reading this blog, people who profess to trust in God, will reject even the very idea of having to go through such a sacrifice. Well, that ought to make them take a second, third, however many looks necessary to open their eyes, at the trust they profess. God has never failed! What reason do those who trust in Him have to doubt Him?

And, as someone who has had to sacrifice in my life, I can confirm that it is indeed empowering, and the quickest way of getting to our dreams. It is something we should embrace, and not shy away from.

God bless America.

Verónica said...

Exactly!!!! And "trust" also implies a "wait"....a wait to let Holy Spirit's hands do what you have asked Him to do "for you",ok? Why you prayed unceasingly to God? Because there was something you wanted to achieve and you failed or a situation you couldn't manage with, right? Well,God has already listened to you and He's working on your request....but,as God blessings materialize in such a "natural way", sometimes it gives us the impression that nothing is going to happen. Wrong! Don't forget that He has to create situations,change events and put you in the right place at the right time,ok? Don't let your anxiety get in the way of God.

God bless you!

Sandra Tiseira said...

I agree with Mrs. Cristiane not everyone understands the meaning of trust.. Faith is trusting that God will open that closed.

Maura Carolina Olivera said...

After all, no sacrifice, no success. I have started to think that phrase is involved in everything in life.
Después de todo, sin sacrificio, no hay éxito. He comenzado a pensar que esa frase está envuelta en todo en la vida.

Sabrina Durant said...
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Sabrina Durant said...

Its soo true when you indeed sacrifice to do whats right. It hurts, it pains and you even ask yourself why are you doing this again? Well for me that is how it has been. I used to sacrifice to be comfortable instead of to do what was the right thing to do. I am at this stage even now that is why I am sacrificing to do what is right. Its not easy but I believe it is very worth it.

Triana ! said...

Yup that is so true how can we say that we trust in him if dont act like it we say it but we just doint demonstrate it to God so talking the talk is one thing and the other is doing it.