Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Friends Forever?

I always wonder about the people who remain "best friends forever," the ones who made promises to their friends in high school that they would always be there for each other, get together even after marriage and kids and basically be more faithful to their friendship than to anything else. But life is so full of change and growth and discovery that it would be very hard for anyone to truly remain best friends for decades unless either they both have the same calling on their life, or they choose to keep their lives as stagnant as possible.  Am I wrong in thinking this?

Life is so full of choices, and for those of us who believe in God, the one constant choice before us is always:  go with what's comfortable, or use your faith in a radical way?  Compromise or sacrifice?  You can begin with a group of friends, solid, caring friends who all believe in God just as you do.  In time each one makes small choices, slightly different from the others and before long you are heading in different directions.  What one has faith to do, the others don't and vice versa.  Each one has to be sure of her own choices and not allow the others to hold her back, that's the way it should be.

Mrs. Ross had a girls prayer group meeting in her home every Wednesday after school.  Her house was right next to our football field and we all looked forward to prayer-meeting day to sing and pray and talk about God with her.  She was an amazing and caring woman with a real heart to reach out to us young, 12 and 13 year old wiggly, giggly, slightly goofy girls.  My first experience with God, the first prayer I made of true surrender to Jesus as my Lord came about because of that group, and I know the path of my future was already marked because of Mrs. Ross' influence.

But as precious as that time was, each of us has grown and changed and taken different directions, though I'm certain, each of us loves God still.  Even the friends I have right now may not be on the same path as me in the years ahead, but what matters is, am I making the right choices for God right now?  Am I doing His bidding or concerned about the crowd?  Letting friends go can be sad, but nothing is worth letting go of God's leading.


jessica said...

hmmm this reminds me of something.... THE SISTERHOOD lol i know im looking forward to these meetings and i believe god will direct me. : )

Cristiane Cardoso said...

Those who remain part of the Sisterhood wholeheartedly, will always have the sisters wherever they are :-)

I'm in the journey with you Ev - love having you as one of my true friends and I know that together, we'll make the Sisterhood a grand investment in women nowadays!

Mayela said...

It's great to know that in the Sisterhood there are true friends that we can trust, and are going to know on our journey with God! BTW, I'm very glad we were the privelaged ones that got this opportunity! :-)

But anyway, I agree with you Mrs. Evelyn, I remember when i was smaller my friends and I used to talk about growing up and always knowing each other forever, and now I don't even remember most of their names, and don't have a clue where they're at... and now in high school i'm told the same thing... that i have to be back for high school reunion, that i have to be so and so's bride's maid, but i know i won't be there, because like you said, our goals are completely different, and besides if it were up to me I would leave Houston as soon as I could! (because of the weather) lol :-)

Debora Anjos said...

I do think is possible to remain friends for life (and then, if we're both saved, friends forever).
Having somebody that knows, understands, admires and loves you is great. Though far from each other, friends can reconnect at a split of a second when they meet again... My friends from school have not turned to God, I don't depend on them, specially their advice, but I find it very dear to have that friendship love for them...

Lily Torneros said...

Wow, strong message. As I am growing and developing spiritually, I have already lost one of my "best friends." It's tough letting a friend go, but I'd leave it all for God. Gaining true friends in the Sisterhood, is only one of the great things about it.


so true..
GOD really gives me the right direction and i love what GOD teaches me to do=)
thank you so much..

Sabrina Durant said...

I have lost many best friends on my journey with God, because my faith and direction has been different from theirs. It's an exciting journey because I believe with every friend you meet, they bring something different to your life, no matter how short or long they are there. They leave a piece of them with you and vice-versa.