Monday, January 25, 2010

Why is it?

Why is it that many atheists I've come across are deeply offended by the fact that I am happy with an active faith in God, even without trying to convince them of anything?

Why is it common for American teenage girls to think that a guy who is kind and honorable is a wimp?

Why is it that most people hate their job?

Why is it that women who have had multiple sexual relationships get upset that their children don't respect them?

Why is it when you share something positive about yourself, you can always count  on someone out there accusing you of being proud?

Why is it that God is so willing to smooth out a stupid mistake the moment you are sorry, repent and turn to Him for help?  No one else I know will do that.

Why is it that when we are unhappy with our weight, we comfort ourselves with food?

Why is it that couples in love, who claim they will do anything, even give up their lives for each other, can't do the simplest thing of honoring their wedding vows?

Why is it that we say we hate commercials and then just sit there staring at them like zombies when they come on?

Why do parents ignore years of opportunities to nurture respect and good character when their children think of them as heros, and then wonder what went wrong when they turn into teenagers?

Why are there so many people who hate to read books?

Why is it that some of the most poverty-stricken countries are the ones where birth control is considered a sin, but child prostitution is rampant?

Why are there Christians who are so quick to say they can't, and think they're being humble?

Why does God put up with this frustratingly thick-headed world and still want to take the few He can find who believe in Him to heaven one day?

Come Lord Jesus, come quick!


Debora Anjos said...

All these topics have come accross my mind as well... The great thing is that Jesus can come to inside of us already, exactly so that all these questions can be answered in the minds of those who accept Him... --

Evangelizing the whole world: The UCKG will get there, Mrs Evelyn, and God counts on us ;)

Cristiane Cardoso said...

I'm with you on that Sister! I often cry and beg God to come asap

Lily Torneros said...

Wow, strong strong questions Mrs. Evelyn.

Leeanne said...

Very true, I think all you'r question's have good point's and are very true.

Divya said...

Tell me about it! Good questions ;0) This world does not make any sense most times.

I think Jesus is coming back soon.

Graciele Santos said...

is so strong.

Alicia said...

hmm. i can't answer all those but it's defenetly a good point, this can't believe I was once part of it.what was I thinking? lol

Sandra Tiseira said...

I will agree with you and Mrs.cristiane.. God Come Asap..

Izamar Romero said...

There is no one like God

Dayrin said...

Yes, all those question come across our mind but if we are sensible to the voice of God, we will have the answer of each in the right moment.

Raquel Parras said...

True, many things that happen in the world doesn´t make sense and due to we want to Jesus come soon...***

kristal Tellez said...

Mrs Evelyn like the strong questions they make you think
thank you

Triana ! said...

Its so true can God still want us ... He is so marvollous in all!!! How God is so GOOD!
Thanyou so much all these questions are so simplebut have a huge meaning!!