Monday, February 22, 2010

Being Cold Hearted

Sometimes Jesus was just downright brutal with the things He said.  "I can't throw the food meant for the children to the dogs," He told a suffering mother. "Go let the dead bury the dead," He told a young man  concerned about his father's funeral.  A group of mourners cries over the death of a little girl, and He rudely asks them "Why are you crying?" and then proceeds to kick them out of the house. And one of the toughest: "If anyone comes after me and does not hate his own father, mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters - yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:26)  That sounds like the most unChristian teaching there ever was.

I can just picture people I've known getting all in a huff and giving Jesus an ear-full after hearing something like that.  "How dare He speak to me this way!  And who does He think He is being so insulting!  Doesn't He know that family comes first? And He calls Himself a man of God!  Well I never...!"  Jesus knew exactly what He was doing: separating the wheat from the chaff.  Those who are truly His can take the heat and have the humility to say, "Yes, I'm a dog, but I can't I at least have a crumb?" They're the gutsy ones who adamantly hold onto Him, knowing that He has to bless them, and they're the ones who receive their answers.

God created us to be like Him, abounding in love, peace, joy, patience and all the fruit of the Spirit, but tough as nails when it comes to acting our faith.  There are times that joy only comes after the painful sacrifice of our flesh, of turning our backs and walking away from people who are demanding our attention so that we can please Him first.  Peace can only be won after killing off the selfish desire to moan about our suffering, and fight back against the evil one who whispers in our ears that peace is  impossible.  We want answers to questions that are not for us to know at this time, but the answers that we do have, we don't like!

So the choice is, live out our life in a constant state of feeling offended because God expects too much of us, or cold-heartedly turn our back on our feelings, obey Him anyway, and determine that he has to - He HAS to - honor our act of faith.  He will heal and deliver us because He says He will.  Period. And through that choice to put our faith over our emotions, miraculous changes happen. That was the way the demon possessed were freed, the blind were healed, the dead were raised and disciples of steel were raised up to turn the world upside down.  It seems like a contradiction to find the warmth of His peace and love through becoming cold-hearted, but who ever said He does things our way?



Anonymous said...

wow so true! i always wanted to know why this things happen...

Ruth Nunes said...

Hi Evelyn,
This is so true, and what our God what's from us is for us to be strong, to be bold in our faith to act just like our Lord Jesus! I really love what you said here it is very deep, it revives one's soul.

Bianca Moctezuma said...

this is really true!
Jesus want us to be like Him.
& also not go by emotions, just your faith, to grow strong in Him.
JesusCrist is the RIGHT PATH.
& thats it!!

Bianca Moctezuma
Austin Tx

Maritza Barr said...

Mrs. Evelyn this is so true! In short words, faith is not always polite and often times it come out as being rude and bold.

But, what should we prefer, something all sugar coated and see no results and benefits from, or be cold hearted to our emotions and use our intelligent faith? I for one prefer to be cold hearted to my emotions and external conditions and use my faith.
HE simply HAS TO bless, no way around that!

Nadia said...

It is so clearly stated... Well said. God never fails and always provides an answer (specially when we stop asking)

Laura Perez said...

God is constantly testing our faith to see if we are the people hes looking for to do his ministry. so i belive do everything with all your strenght and heart because everything God gives us (or doesent) is for a reason he of all people knows whats best for us.
Thanks Mrs.Evelyn for the post it was really good and helpful!
-Laura Perez
Autin TX

Divya said...

Yes, living by our faith and not our emotions. God raises us to be strong and courageous. Every time I feel sorry for myself or for someone else, the results are not so pleasing.
I need to work on being obedient to God in this matter and trusting that He knows exactly what He is doing. Every time I used my faith and turned my back to my emotions, I saw positive results to my prayers and actions.

Jesus knew exactly what He was doing and saying. He knew the outcome, and He was not afraid. Surely, being bold and courageous comes from knowing God personally, knowing His will and having no doubts. That is true christian faith.

Sandra Tiseira said...

Jesus always shows us how to be like him...Sometimes faith has to be Bold...

Cecilia Lopez said...

It is very important to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit to guide us to Glorify God with our life

Izamar said...

Like I remember when I first read that verse, I didn't know what to think, because I felt God was mean, we cannot live by emotions we have to always use our faith an be strong

Graciele Santos said...

I like this post is so true!

Princess Erika - Philippines said...

Hi Mrs. Evelyn,

This is really true.
GOD said this because HE doesn't want just only a piece of ourselves to give to HIM, but the whole of ourselves. Everything in us.

Thank you so much for this strong message Mrs. Evelyn! It really help us to grow!

berlita said...

Hi Mrs. Evelyn,

I love this article it is very strong, God want's to us to grow and strong with him. It make my spiritual life to grow more. Very nice I don't for get this article.

Marites,Manila,Philippines said...

hi mrs.Evelyn
thanks for ths inspiring post,
this is so true, that God created us to be like Him.
to be bold,to be strong and to have faith in HIM.
Thank you so much mrs.Evelyn
this post helped me a lot to grow more in my spiritual life,to be more strong.
God bless you!


Aica said...

Hello Mrs. Evelyn.

Thanks for sharing this words to us. I realize that God just like my parents who expects something better from me constantly say things that hurts, i can't even understand sometimes. But i know they are just doing it for me to be courageously strive for the better.
I realize also that we need to be humble yet confident in order to be bless.
Thank you so much Mrs. Evelyn.

- Aica, Philippines


hellow mrs. evelyn,
thank you so much for this blog..
it really helps me to revived my soul, and it also teach me on how i can help also the other soul..
thank you so much..

Leeanne said...

Very true. and to really follow Jesus we have to turn away from the Me in side us.

I am never going to be perfect but I know I have to constantly remind myself that I need to do often do thing's I may not always want to go through with but I am doing this for God's glory not my own. ANd Faith is action, Not emotion.

Lily Torneros said...

Wow what a powerful and true message. We have to deny ourselves and out emotions to truly submit to God's authority and follow Him with our faith. And through that, our blessing will come abundantly. This is a very strong message, thank you.

Delma said...

Hi Mrs.Evelyn
This message is very strong.
Thank you for sharing to us.

Delma -Philippines

Dayrin said...

Like you said Mrs. Evelin, we need to be like God. If we just stop for a moment and think about how did Jesus was when He was here. We can realize how amazing God is. We need to work on putting away our emotions and never fail in using our faith.

Maura Olivera said...

Mrs. Evelyn. My name is Maura, I am writing from Argentina. I have to tell you, this blog is exactly what I needed to hear. I have spoken to God: "You always give me more responsabilities, You never take anything from my burden but You still go on without blessing me!" I even cried because he left on me such a heavy backpack. It is a strage ecuation in which I have resposabilities + problems. So, I felt like God was behaving in a wrong way with me, just because He hopes to find a lot on me.... I realise I have an emotional heart. That is wrong. I want to see God in my life, so, I have to be cold-hearted, I understand. That is the only way to express the faith that is burning inside of me, and let it burn all the problems that are hurting me. Part of my mistake is that always during the crisis I start looking to the things that are trying to kill me, and I stop listening to God that I am sure, has been all this time telling me what to do. So, I will have this ecuation now: zero emotion + trust + faith + take an attitude = VICTORY AT LAST Thank you.

missleon said...

This is so true and only those with Spiritual eyes can truly understand this. Turning our backs on our emotions and emotions of others can be one of the toughest things to do - especially when it involves people who we care about. However, whenever we truly do something in faith God will ALWAYS honour us and we will never regret our actions.

Gabberz said...

Thank You! This has helped me a lot. It is faith over emotions!!

Triana ! said...

wow thats b=very true sometimes when it comes to faith you have to put your foot down and say what you have to say... walk and walk for this reason wow thank you