Monday, April 12, 2010

500 Days of Stupidity - Moms, please be aware

Movies like "Fiddler on the Roof", one of my all time favorite musicals, gives us a peek at life in the old country when daughters came with dowries and matchmakers arranged the best marriage deals to satisfy all parties involved.  I used to think it was quaint and a sad sort of thing.  But now that I have children, I'm beginning to think that hand-picking their spouse myself would be the perfect solution. (Don't worry guys, a  mom can dream, can't she?)

I just say that because as I look around, I see Jesus' words coming true today more than ever,  "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" Christian moms, be aware, the world is encroaching on the values that we think we are instilling in our young ones, sinking their roots into them like crabgrass.  It makes you want to put them in a sealed space-pod and shoot them into the stratosphere until you find the perfect mate for them so they can avoid any more contamination.  But of course, no one wants to be "set up" by their elders any more, no one wants to have anyone meddling in their romantic affairs because it's just not done and it is so very, very, very uncool.

It's so uncool that a movie last summer became a sleeper hit of the season, "(500) Days of Summer".  A guy likes a girl, a lot.  He thinks she's "the one."  Girl likes guy but hates commitment.  Girl flirts, makes sexual overtures, eventually sleeps with and practically moves in with the guy but insists that they are not a "couple."  Girl gets offended when he tries to defend her honor as if he has the right to think she's his girlfriend.  Guy is in love, girl treats him like trash, but says she really likes him. Stupid guy keeps obsessing about stupid girl.  The end.

Hate to spoil it, but that's the movie in a nutshell.  There have been other movies with this sort of message, but few have tried to pretend to be so profound as if they were revealing deep truths about life and love. and millions of people eager to swallow these "truths" paid $60,000,000 at the box office to make it a huge hit.

But there are certain boundaries that were set in place by God, certain age-old truths about relationships that can't be undone just by the fashion of the day.  Girls who flirt and make sensual comments boost a guy's ego, while they degrade themselves in the process.  Wanting to have a boyfriend while having close "guy friends" at the same time undermines trust and proves that they have no idea what a blessing true commitment is.

But you as a mom say, "But that's just kids these days.  This is a different culture."  Yeah, but God doesn't change, and the evil nature of humanity doesn't either.  Don't let the pleas of your daughter to wear revealing clothes, to speak too suggestively to the men she knows, to constantly text and call and throw herself at guys with the excuse that they're "just friends," fool you.  Be the mean one for the moment and say no.  You need to realize that it's time to make some big changes before it's too late.

Christian girls are encouraged to think that they can mix the secular values they find in school and on the screen with their faith.  Maybe they'll won't loose their virginity before marriage, but they sure do enjoy being a tease.  And when they see other young women trying to live a life of purity and integrity, they'll say, "Good for you!" and then laugh at them behind their back because they're such bores.  Wake up and see that the sweet darlings that you thought were such nice church-going girls, have their hearts set on indulging their emotions.  Don't think for a moment that she would never be so false; the influence of this world is too much for anyone who doesn't have an uncompromising faith.  How do you change the desires of her heart?  Only God can do that, but there are steps you can take to lead her in the right direction.  Stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile I'll be in my workshop constructing those space-pods...


Rebeca=) said...

I totally agree with you Mrs Evelyn. That movie is so what's wrong with American culture these days and especially Hollywood. It frustrated me to bits, and made me quite angry.

Leeanne said...

Very true and strong Word's!

I use to be that Girl who cared none whatsoever about myself or guy's for the matter, I would degrade myself and etc. , Movies having a great influence on teens now a days has a big say so to, and Music and Dirty music Vid's.

Now thing's are different THANK GOD!
and I want to continue to change and grow more and more each day!

Camila said...

Hi Mrs. Evelyn, watching this movie was a waste of time and money.

I found very interesting your post and as you wrote God doesn't change, so our values needs to be in accordance to Him, not with now a days culture.

Debora Anjos said...

Thanks to mothers and women of God like you, Big Sisters, we have been able to learn oh so much about pretty much everything, I must say!

I loved your critique of the 500 days of summer too! I must say that though the movie was not the type I would pay to watch at the movie theater, I did like it when I watched it in an airplane during my last trip to Brazil. After thinking about it after your post, I realize I was trapped in its attempt to "pretend to be so profound as if they were revealing deep truths about life and love."
I like to think of myself of a profound-movie kind of girl but indeed there was A LOT of the movie that I definitely did not like... Will be more aware of Hollywood strategies though ;)

Will be waiting for the next posts!

ah! And I love your writing, there are always words whose meaning I need to look up ;)) - good source of vocabulary, to say the least ;))

Bianca Moctezuma said...

Wow Mrs. Evelyn I loved your Post
& Everything is so true!!! Especially that many people think its ok that teens act that way because thats how it is, but one thing for sure God hasn't change He is the same.
Trough out the post when i was reading it i could imagine myself like i used to be.. BUT THANKS TO GOD.. I am way different now, but with so much to learn still, always want to grow more and become a better woman of God! :)

God Bless You!!

I never watched this movie, but i can already see it a waste of time!

Cindy said...

this blog is a must read of all mothers. mothers mut use their authority to help their daughters go the right way and be inspired of God's plan for her. not the way of this world.

Cindy from Manila

Diana said...

I find it mrs. evelyn very sincere and true, yes we cannot just accept all the changes of the world, specially if we want to protect our young ones can be a son, daughter, siblings..

we must fight againts it and protect our self and young ones too.

Dian from philippines

Laura Perez said...

That is very true many young women these days want to save themselves for marriage but isnt just as bad to be a tease.We should all be very careful.

rizacarabido said...

Yes,it's true Mrs. Evelyn that mothers or should i say the parents should be aware about this things that is happening on there children. Specially now a days.This world deceives many young girls and boys through showing this kind of movie.
So we should always be aware and careful in all this things.

THESS (Manila-Philippines)


this is really powerful.
i really feel the spirit of this blog..
thank you so much for helping us to grow more in our spiritual life..
GODBLESS and kisses,,

Alessandra Esteves said...

Olá Dª Evelyn! Sou uma jovem aqui do Brasil e gostaria muito que a a senhora colocasse uma versão traduzida em português para nós podermos acompanhar suas belas mensagens!!!
Que Deus a abençoe, um beijo!!!

Alicia said...

SOOOOO many girls out there like that, specially the ones thet call them selves christians. I see them a lot at school and wish I could help. Parents better watch out.

Very strong message!

Marilu said...

It sad to know how sometime we think we're fooling other by having a double life, but at the end who's fooling is the person itself.

I haven't seen the movie but after this message I won't even think of watching it.

Thanks for the mesage.

Divya said...

The media has such a negative influence on people, especially the young people. Commitment is in God's vocabulary, and it blesses us very much. In a world full of betrayals and lies, commitment is a little source of light in the darkness. To be faithful and appreciate that someone cares for you, to know that you can trust that person and that you can count on them is precious. That is true love. Love is not having feelings for someone today and then another person tomorrow.

shyani said...

hi Mrs Evelyn,

this post has really caught ny attention. true mommy always think that her asweet daughter will never deceive her but alas. parents better beware

Dania said...

That is one thing I give thanks to God. My father, he wasn't an example himself and at the time I didn't understand. Now that I have read this post and see the world of today I give him thanks. He made of me a good daugther and lady. He was old fashion.

Areli Dozal said...

I definately wish my mom was a little harder on me back when I was in high school. Maybe that way I wouldnt've had to learn the hard way. On the bright side, I will be able to help my kids since I went through all the stuff I went through, but this is an amazing post, and I will pass it on to many mothers and young teens who seek help.