Saturday, April 24, 2010

Learned Behavior

They were so cute, little baby wolf cubs waddling around their pen.  Their mother had died and so they were being cared for in a sanctuary set up to both study and raise them to eventually be released back into the wild.  The scientist in the interview had become their surrogate mom, and explained that though they had all the instincts of a wolf, they still needed their mother to teach them how to hunt, to be aware of danger, to work together as a pack, and of course to howl.  So every day a few times a day the scientist would come close to the pen and howl as best she could, and the little cubs would answer back in their tiny high pitched voices with their noses pointed upwards, enjoying themselves completely.  I just wanted to take them out of the TV screen and hug them, they were so lovable!

But isn't it interesting that though God made all creatures with instincts and innate abilities and behavior, we still have to be taught how to use them?  Had the wolves been raised as mere house pets, they would never be able to survive among wolves, and yet because they were meant to be wild, they would never be able to live in a home either.  They had to be taught to be who God created them to be.

I have come to know a good number of young women and men who have grown up in homes that are nothing like a home.  They know something is wrong in their family, yet they have no idea what a happy home is like or if they ever could have one for themselves.  Something inside of them tells them that they were created to live in a loving, supportive environment.  It's instinctive knowledge in all of us that we were created for this.  But generations have passed in these families where addictions, abuse, unfaithfulness and rejection are the norm.  So what do these kids do when they reach adulthood?  What kind of life skills do they have to draw on?

They want a happy home, but it's so easy to look for love from a guy who will sweet talk them for a while, get them pregnant and leave them for another girl.  Now she is doing the same thing that her mother did to her.  She resents this baby that's stealing away her youth, and leaves it with relatives so she can go out partying at night.  He hates his father for abusing his mother and abandoning the family, and then turns into his father's spitting image.  With each generation the image of a faithful marriage becomes more of a fairy-tale.  The concept of being a parent who upholds standards of honesty and integrity, who understands the balance of discipline and selfless love - a vague dream.  The conviction that they should fight to become the person God created them to be - such a foreign idea, it doesn't occur to them that they could be anyone else but what they have learned.

So who will teach them to find themselves?  Where are the sanctuaries to nurture and develop these young, lost minds?  Can it even be done, or have too many generations passed?  Like I mentioned in a past post, when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?


Debora Anjos said...
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Debora Anjos said...

I always learn so much from your posts, Mrs E, including new words! ;)

That is very interesting, that we are taught even our natural instincts. If we were made to be honest, responsible, fulfilled in our family life, we need to be taught that. (and thanks to SiLC and the Sisterhood, we have!- Really, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cutest picture I've ever seen. Janet

Liza said...

Hi Mrs. Evelyn!

Your post was so strong. It's inspire me a lot!
It is true that what you reap is what you sow.. ;-)

Bianca Moctezuma said...

I love your post Mrs. Evelyn.
Its a really strong message!
Thanks I enjoy reading all your posts.

Blanca said...

Mrs. Evelyn, I was one of this kids at some point, I didn't think i was ever going to have a chance to grow up and have a happy marriage. I used to see things in my parents marriage that didn't want to ever grow up and get married. I'm a living proof we can be educated. Today I'm almost one year happily married.

Diana said...

hi mrs. evelyn
thank you for the post this is strong for me, you are right, we all need guidance. But it must be very first to seek guidance or else all human efforts will be in vain as well.

Dian from philippines

Cindy Flores_Manila said...

Hi Mrs Evelyn,
the questions posted on the last part should really be questions in us and the answers will come from the actions we will take. it's not too late i believe for many to change direction.

God bless you so much.

Cindy from Manila

Izamar Romero said...

I like the way how you began in your blog speaking about baby wolves then made a message to meditate on

Bianca said...

We have so much to learn, things beyond our natural instincts. I am glad I am being taught so many things through men and women of God. Loved your blog Mrs.Evelyn

Ana Villatoro said...

Mrs. Evelyn, it is very sad to see lives destroyed and the worst is that the destruction stars in our homes.

Alicia said...

Very interesting, we need to be taught even what is expected for us to know already! it's so funny. If only we were taught only the good stuff, things would go much better. It's sad to see so many people lost in life because they were never taught what God wanted for them

Lily Torneros said...

This is such a strong message Mrs. E. God created us to be one way, but the world is trying to make us the complete opposite. I must admit, I used to be the kind to think that a happy family was a fairy tale. That a marriage lasting til death was only in the movies. But God has opened my eyes to see all the things that He wants for me. He wants more for me, than I could even imagine. No matter what this world has tried to make me believe, I will live out my life as God intended me too.

Noelia- NJ said...

If we could only learn behavior from our heavenly Father how easy life would be. Instead of having our selfish thoughts, tantrums and sometimes rebellious ideas. It's true what you wrote, it's a vicious cycle going on with young adults not having a sense of direction, then doing things that are not right and reaping the consequences, then passing on all these things to the next generation. Someone needs to finally say enough is enough and that's where God comes in, to help us. To guide us into breaking the cycles.