Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Your Typical Mother's Day Message...


L E V said...


There are simply no words to describe your beautiful, thoughtful and in-depth message. I so enjoyed watching you!

How blessed and fortunate are your sons and Bp David to have you as the matriarch of your family!

A very Happy Mother's Day to you, Evelyn, and many, many more!


Motlatsi said...

Dearest Mrs Evelyn,

I am writing to wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day. You are a great example to us of how a mother should behave. Whenever we are around you, we feel taken care of, because you are always giving attention to us, teaching us, worried about our well-being. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate and look up to you very much. May God continue blessing you and using you to teach us. A big hug and lots of kisses to you!

Susan Yeboah said...

Mrs Evelyn, Happy Mothers Day.
I love to hear you speak, this message is so strong I am not even a mother but I learnt so much and also as a daughter I understand how I can ensure that I have a wonderful relationship with my mother. I went through a lot as a child but forgiving my mother and loving and caring for her was a huge step forward for me. This video was great to listen to.

Gigi said...

That was an amazing video Mrs.Evelyn. Thank you!

I loved the part where you talked about how to get back at the devil by using our faith and showing love when our nature is to hate, forgiveness when we want to hold grudges, such a powerful message.


ligiashigeoka said...

Hi mrs.Evelyn! You don't know me, but I apreciate very much the way you speak, the way you take care of your family,the way you care about others! You are a trutly woman of God! And I wish you a very blessed mother's day!!!!
May God continue inspiring you to bless peoples life!
Kisses and hugs!
Ligia - Londres

Anonymous said...

loved the message!

Rachel Guerrero said...

This message was so awesome and I thank God every day for finding you and your church..You are an amazing woman of God and have taught me so much..

Thank you Thank you!!