Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Audacious

Like we said yesterday, believing before you see, is such a backwards concept, that rarely do people actually live by true faith.  You have to be willing to look like a lunatic to do so.  That means that faith is not for the weak minded, or for the faint of heart.  Faith is for the audacious.

The word audacious is defined as showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, and showing an impudent lack of respect.  Doesn't that sound amazing? We're not talking about being disrespectful to others to hurt them or insult them.  But faith does not respect just doing things because "that's the way they're done."  It's a lack of fear of other people's opinions of you, because the conviction of what God tells you is so true and so universal, that you have the audacity to stand firm in what you believe, regardless of anything or anyone around you.

Jesus was audacious. John the Baptist was too, Ruth, Esther, Peter, Silas, Paul and basically anyone who did anything great for God was audacious, and at times put their lives at risk for what they believed.  Why would we think that the world has changed so much that those old stories should just remain old stories?  Why wouldn't God expect the same kind of audacity from us today so that He can unleash his power in our lives so much more?

On top of that, how many audacious people do you know already, who are bold and impudent in a negative way?  Count the partiers, druggies, foul-mouthed selfish people found within the 10 square miles of your house.  There are probably a whole lot more than you may realize!  They have no shame being audacious for the lifestyle that they believe in.  Why do Christians feel such a fear living out the words of the one they call their Lord?

Audacious doesn't mean random craziness, or religious fanaticism.  It means taking God's promises seriously and living as if they are already ours.  Sounds simple, but doing it is a radical thing.

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Phumi Gumede Matinyarare said...

Another definition of audacious that has stuck to my mind since the eighth grade is being bold and daring - faith puts you in a situation where you have to be fearless, brave and truly believe in what has not yet materialized. Your actions may raise eyebrows but the conviction you have inside is much stronger than what the eyes see. I want to be audacious during these 21 days of the fast of Daniel. I have faith that God will transform my spiritual life.

Anonymous said...

I want to be audacious for God. Seek his presence on a daily basis with no fear or doubt. I will be delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit during this fast because I will accept nothing less, and I know that God knows the biggest desire of my heart!! AMEN!!! -roya-

Divya said...

A thought that came to my mind was doing the will of God even when it means going against your will or being despised by other people. This message gave me much to think about. Being bold about our faith, knowing that we know the truth, that we have the light in this dark world.

Anonymous said...

Audacious does not mean your bold or daring it means you don't think
And you do things foolishly and stick to a attacking formula you, also
Assume which is ,what fools do and you don't judge afterwards but ,beforehand
To be daring and bold you need to judge afterwards.i totally disagree with
This balderdash argument and suggest you check your Bible again
Before brainwashing.