Monday, March 25, 2013

Believe and You Will See

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Everyone who knows what the Bible says about faith, knows that it has to do with believing in something that you don't yet see.  When you have faith, that's when miracles materialize.  When you doubt, nothing changes, no matter how good you may be or how much you know of the Bible.

Those are some of the most basic principles of faith, taught in the famous chapter of faith, Hebrews 11.  But finding someone who REALLY lives that way?  That's rare.  Proof of that is that so few people have seen real, bonafide miracles in their lives.  But there are truckloads of people with empty lives who claim to have faith, and are proud of it.

One proof of faith, is that you begin to live as if what you believe in is a reality, even though you don't see it with your eyes.  Your actions make your faith real.  Anyone can talk about what they believe, but only those who really do, act as if it were true.  Acting this way either turns you into a delusional lunatic, or you begin operating in a supernatural realm and have no shame in appearing crazy to the rest of the world, because you know the truth about faith.

Practically every day we have people coming to church telling us about problems that seem so out of control, involving people and situations that just won't cooperate with them.  A strong conviction from the Holy Spirit to proclaim that this problem is not going to overtake them, that God will come through for them in a big way, overcomes us.  We say it with determination, knowing that God and His promises are backing us up... and then we look at their faces as they pity us for being so ignorant as to make such general sweeping statements.  "No, I don't think that can happen, you don't know my son/daughter/husband/boss/insert name...and you don't understand how serious this is..."

Some people are actually offended that we should tell them that their problem can be overcome, as if we are robbing them of their sense of importance as they complain about their lives.  But most just pity us for being such simpletons.  Fortunately they have the courtesy to listen to us explain how these things are possible, and that God's Word has come true for us, and will come true for them if they choose to use even a mustard seed of faith.  We can sort of persuade them to at least try faith, and when the first answer to prayer comes, they are shocked at the results.  Each attempt at faith becomes slightly easier and though the process is slow, they do learn if they don't give up. What a great victory when we can turn a skeptic into a firm believer!

There are a rare few who grab a hold of those words and just say, "YES."  They are the ones who begin to act on that faith right away, who push aside fear and doubt, and who choose to take God at His word.  They are the Jairus's, the Roman centurions, the Bartimeus's, the Abrahams and the Joshuas.  They dare to act as if their prayers are answered, and they are the ones who learn to live in that realm of the supernatural.

This principle goes for everyone - from those who need to be rescued from evil, to those who just want to experience more of God and His presence.  Believe and you will see.

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Divya said...

Our living faith in the Lord Jesus is our only connection to God. We give in to one doubt, and the connection is broken. I read this passage of Hebrews yesterday and today. This blog post got me thinking and understanding more of what God wants to reveal.

Anonymous said...

I wanna thank GOD for stumbling into this blog and the 40DP and that now I have identified the reason why I haven't been getting baptised in the holy spirit and I believe and declare that Iam getting baptised.
I thank God for talking to me through your blog posts
Mrs Evelyn, may God continue to bless you and David more and more