Friday, March 29, 2013

Know Your Enemy

Most people go through their entire lives either fighting against the wrong enemies, or not fighting at all.  They attack their spouses with unkind words and actions, they hold grudges and hatred, they grouse and gripe at the government, at their bosses, at irritating drivers... and all of their bile spills onto their families who they ought to love the most.

Those who choose to be passive, become doormats in a very cruel and unjust world.  There is a fight to be fought, but it is spiritual one, not a fight against others.  But though it is spiritual, it takes some physical acts of faith to make it real.  The spiritual battle against hatred requires physical changes in our behavior.  We have to live the battle outwardly, while also battling against the evil in our own minds.  It may not look like fighting, but purposeful choices to live by faith, always inflicts deep wounds into the heart of the devil's kingdom.

You may think you know all about spiritual warfare, but there may be much more unseen than you realize.  Enjoy the 6th session of last fall's 40 Day Project, by clicking right here! 


Divya said...

Let's face our true enemies. This homework is very helpful, I will use my spiritual eyes to find my true enemies and exterminate them.

Unknown said...

Many times we forget that our battles are spiritual, behind the teasing school mates, and the unsoporting family, lies a spiritual cause, as we read in ephesians our battles are agains the spiritual forces.