Monday, August 19, 2013

Sarah - Grace and strength in a barbaric world

The mother of the child of God's promise, Sarah is one of the few women that is spoken of again in the New Testament, and held up as an example for us all.  When some think of obedience as weakness, Sarah proves that obedience to God is strength, protection and influence that can even reach the heart of kings.

Listen to our study from last Saturday's Women's Breakfast in Houston and enjoy!!

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Buhle said...

Good day

I remember this day; it was actually my pledge night and things were just not going my way, I prayed, had the ugly cry ect...about how I just need things to change but after all that drama I read the word of God and it spoke about trusting in His promises.

Today I was reminded yet again of how vital it is to trust God, to not look at the circumstance but have faith in God.

Thank you for sharing this message, love it. God bless