Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rebekah - handpicked by God

Rebecca, Rebekah, Rebeca, every version of the Bible has their own spelling, but all are agreed that this girl was unique.  She was an answer to many years of prayer, and she proved herself by her servant's heart and her courage to go where God called.  Much of her life mirrored her mother-in-law Sarah: beautiful and deeply loved by her husband, desired by other men, barren for many years, given the gift of continuing on the blessing of Abraham to the next generation, struggling with two potential heirs, tempted to meddle in God's affairs, used her faith despite her failures until the end.

Enjoy part 1 our most recent Women's Breakfast study from Sept. 7 at SiLC in Houston.  Pass on the link!  Part 2 on clothing, adornment, make-up and even tattoos will be coming next...

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Anonymous said...

WOW! This is what i have to say to this... It really help me special when you say we listen to something and we say "yes this is for me" and then even before we leave church we forget. The pastor in the church tells us that we have to tie those demons that makes us forget the word of God. Question 2 was specialy for me and theres more to that but like you said in this meeting... praying on it and if i wasn't i want to be.