Friday, September 6, 2013

Woman of God yet? Take the quiz!

Last Saturday we were supposed to talk about Rebekah, but the quiz that we started with, took up most of our meeting time, so Rebekah will wait till next time, but meanwhile we had a very thought provoking time of looking at our own lives and how much we are integrating what we learn in God's Word into our daily lives.  No one showed me all the results of their quiz, just a few groans and laughs let me know that there are plenty of aspects of our lives that are still a far cry from what God wants us to be.

Enjoy the audio link below and follow along.  The quiz statements that you are supposed to rate yourself with are listed here.  If the statement describes you perfectly, give yourself a 10.  If it doesn't describe you at all, give yourself a 1.  If you are somewhere in-between a "yes that's me" and a "I'm nothing like that" then assign a number to that statement that is closest to where you are at that moment, with 10 being the most like you and 1 being the least.  (Hope that make sense!)  Listen to the audio of last Saturday's Women's Breakfast in Houston and you'll get the picture.

Which character qualities are you developing?   Which ones do you lack?

obedience, purity
modesty, initiative
hospitality, devotion
beauty, trust
gratitude, discipleship
courage, servanthood

1. After a full day of work, my boss asks me to stay and finish a project while everyone else goes home. I quickly pray and choose to do what he asks with all my heart.

2. At family gatherings, when the gossip begins, it’s hard to know how to pull away and not join in.  Sometimes I do without wanting to.

3. I like beautiful things, but I rarely wear jewelry or makeup because I don’t want people to think I’m showing off.

4. I always make sure to offer visitors a delicious snack and something to drink, or if they come at mealtime, they are welcome to join me at the table.

5. When I know a neighbor is not feeling well, I like to find out what I can do to help.

6. When I’m at church or at work - I like to find ways to offer my help without being asked.

7. I’ve been waiting for an answer to prayer for a long time, but I’m beginning wonder if God really wants to answer me at all.

8. When the pastor preaches, I write down what God is teaching me so I can meditate on it to remind myself.

9. I used to wear really tight or revealing clothes but now I only wear them when I’m sure people in church won’t see me.

10. I seem to always be attracted to the same kind of man who doesn’t respect me.

11. When I hear people cursing I just walk out, and if I can’t I pray against that spirit.

12. I’m always trying to find ways to learn more about the Bible both in and out of church.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving this more and more can you do more Godllywood stuff. Thanks to this I have stopped gossiping which was like a cancer of the mouth.

Love you mrs e.
Kisses ms guni
England london