Sunday, October 6, 2013

Negativity 101

What do you think is the biggest open door for problems in people's lives? Negativity.  It's the starting point for doubt, lies, hatred, depression, unbelief, worry, abuse, addictions, defeat, you name it.  The devil has found such a cornucopia of ways to use it to his advantage - it's just that good of a tool in his hands.  Find it thriving among good-hearted Christians, and just as much among hard-core God-haters. It can morph into so many forms and be equally as deadly to our spirit.

The course to beat it is coming up in our church at SiLC - only in Katy, TX, and will blow you away.  Read all about it at I'm not being proud about it, just not being negative!

Check out just how much our folks at the Katy SiLC are into getting out the news about the course.  Here we are handing out flyers at the local Walmart this weekend, roasting a bright pink in the Texas sun, and having a lot of fun!!

And enjoy one of our videos:

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Marcia Pires said...

Dear Evelyn, one of the common sickness of our century is depression but have we realised that the very beginning stage of this huge threat to emotional stability has started with only one though? One negative though! Really hope that many benefit from Negativity 101 and overpower this "destructive mode".