Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Everything is connected to everything

When we see the world through spiritual eyes, it's like seeing the intricate inner workings of a beautiful Swiss watch.  That's just a metaphor, and of course it's far greater and deeper than that.  It takes faith to even begin to understand how it all works, and I imagine that once we are in heaven, face to face with God, will still be learning and discovering all the intricacies of the spiritual world.  But even the little that we can grasp here through faith and through the promises God gives us, is that everything connects.

And that means the 40 Day Fast connects with everything too,  Here are some examples:

You have chosen to be a part of a church that has presented a challenge to fast from secular media and distractions for 40 Days.  This is optional, but you know that it's from God.

Since it's from God, choosing not to join in would mean saying no to something from Him.  Is it a sin to say no?  No.  Is it a good thing to say yes?  Absolutely.  So you have to choose between either merely not sinning, or doing a very good thing from God.

You choose the former, and opt out of the fast for no specific reason, other than you just don't feel like it. You know that you aren't outright rejecting God, since you still pray, attend church, and try to live an honest God-fearing life.  But in the back of your mind, you know that you have said no to His suggestion and have chosen comfort over trust. Doubt creeps in.

Sometime along the 40 day period, the devil attacks as he always does with one thing or another.  Your child gets sick, or your boss flips out on you, or your car gets into an accident and your stuck with a huge repair bill.  You pray and try to do the right thing, but you don't feel that conviction in your heart that your prayers will be heard.  You don't feel worthy.  Doubts start to turn into condemnation.

Your prayers are more angry rants than prayers of faith, and the problems evade resolution. You feel far from God, and voices pop into your head when you go to church that everyone else is doing better than you, and that they look down on you for being so unspiritual.  You suspect that everyone knows that you aren't doing the fast and everyone is talking about you behind your back.

You feel self-righteous and angry at these hypocrites, and decide that you "need a break" from church for a while because you can't handle all this confusion.

You disappear from church, you stop praying, and you have no idea why God has turned His back on you.


Read tomorrow's blog to see the other side of the story!


Anonymous said...

I chose to not participate in the 40 day challenge, and even though I chose to not do it, I am stronger IN My Relationship With God. How odd, you may think. At the beginning, when I chose to participate, on the first few days, I was angry and upset. I would curse my family, not anymore. I decided to get out of it, and I am better through His mercy. Conclusion: Not everyone needs the 40 day media challenge, and God manifests in diff. ways for each one of us. He manifests according to the needs of each one of us to mould these into His will that make part of the many branches of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say 40 DAY MEDIA FAST, not challenge.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me again. The same person who posted these two comments above. I appreciate the open forum you have and I thank you for it because I'm sure many like me can learn sthg. from the comments. I grabbed the envelope for Salomon's Temple on Friday and I sacrificed, and I entered into the media fast. I enjoyed not to fast for some time, but for some reason, I just got tired of watching and playing soccer. I needed to be fulfilled inside with continuos strength and I received no more pleasure of the same good things everybody does or talks about, but doesn't necessarily need, and so I sacrificed thru the envelope - I seriously don't know what I'll eat tomorrow, but I don't care - and now with the media fast. I constantly need to monitor myself because part of my job is to work with the media and the news.

Big hugs and kisses

Evelyn Higginbotham said...

Thanks so much for your comments! God bless you as you trust in Him:)