Friday, June 20, 2014

Getting Ready to Be Slammed...

If you're not into science, read this anyway.  It's all about you, and the Creator of all things!

My husband just came across this fascinating article about new compelling evidence on how the moon was formed, from the Christian science website called Reasons to Believe.  The evidence shows that the moon was formed by a giant planet that had at one time slammed into the Earth, almost completely liquifying our planet, after which molten matter from that planet shot out from the core of the Earth, straight out of our atmosphere, and formed our moon.  Scientists have just discovered that isotopes found in moon rocks are vastly different from those on planet Earth.  Our Earth and the moon are made from very different materials.

(If you want to read the whole article, click here.)

How many of us have pictured the creation of the universe to be solemn words spoke by God here, and planets would magically appear - a proclamation there, and animals would pop out of thin air? We have TV and movies to blame for our crude imaginations of the power of God's hand.

So if this hypothesis is true, (and evidence is increasingly in its favor) God used the sacrifice of one planet to create much more than just our moon.  The Earth became liquid as it was slammed so violently by another planet the size of Mars, and later cooled and reformed it's solid shape. With God as the Master-Creator, the state of the Earth after that collision was made perfect for sustaining life.  The planet that melted as it entered our Earth's core, gave birth to our moon that was shot back into the night sky.  Our moon has a magnetic pull that determines our ocean's tides and seasons.  From the beginning of time, our moon is a necessary part of keeping our Earth alive and strong.

God used sacrifice, death, and rebirth to create the one planet in the entire universe that He chose to invest all of His love, creating children for Himself.

When God requires sacrifice from us, it's just a part of the laws of the universe.  It feels violent, painful and frightening, but it's beautiful!  Sacrifice, God's way, creates an abundance of life.  New, unexpected things enter into our orbit.

I'm ready for my sacrifice, to be slammed into by a giant "planet."  I'm ready to be liquified - to even feel as if I am imploding, to turn a rocky barren landscape into a thriving, abundant, life-sustaining world.  I know enough about how good and loving God is not to doubt Him or to resist Him.  Abraham knew that if he killed his precious son on the altar, God was powerful enough to raise him back up from the ashes.  God did better than that!

When you think about sacrifice, first of all, don't give unless you know that it's what God is asking of you.  He'll ask what is way, Way, WAY out of the ordinary.  You know you would never give that if anyone else had asked.  But if it's Him, don't resist.  Go with the giant collision that is about to happen.  Let yourself be liquified, and watch how new life will take a hold of you like you've never dreamed.

I say, bring it on!

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And so God answered you both... :)