Monday, May 21, 2012

The Love Walk continues...

Just because the date of our Love Walk has already passed, you can still do your own!  The Love Walk kit which includes 2 T-shirts, an explanatory CD and two brochures, can be ordered either by phone or online at or 888-691-2291.


L E V said...

Dear Dna. Evelyn,

As I watch you, I'm thinking: "down-to-earth, relatable, keen".

Yes, it makes sense to me even if I'm not part of her marital status, and last but not least, reminds me of an anchorwoman - a dark-haired version of Diane Sawyer".... haha.... And then, towards the end, you said: "honey"... LOL!

It would be really nice if LW continues..... The Love Walk that is an essential element for the people of H-Town.

I enjoyed listening to you, Evelyn! :)


Evelyn Higginbotham said...

Thanks Lilly - you always have such funny and sweet observations... Diane Sawyer? I wish! God bless:)